Questions Regarding USB OTG and iPhone

What is USB OTG (On-The-Go)?

USB OTG or just OTG, allows a mobile device, such as a smartphone, to become a host device to communicate with peripherals such as a flash drive, a mouse, or keyboard, as long as the host device can provide enough power output for those peripherals.


SYMLIS Sparrow’s USB OTG function won’t affect its other features.

SYMLIS Sparrow’s cable is USB to Micro USB, or USB to Lightning. Apple’s iPhone doesn't support OTG feature, but that won’t affect you from using Sparrow as a USB cable for your iPhone or as a flash drive on your PC.


A majority of Android and other smartphones & tablets support OTG (click HERE for OTG support device list). Unfortunately, Apple hasn't provided an explicit way to provide a similar function. you can use Sparrow as a regular USB cable for both your Apple devices.


I want my iPhone to read the flash drive data. Do you have any future plan to provide a similar feature for iPhone?

Adding flash drive support for iPhone is one of our future goals for the 2nd generation Sparrow. Even though Apple devices don’t support USB OTG, it is possible to bypass this by providing similar functions. Remember, SYMLIS LLC is a small startup company, and our resources are limited. Although we are as eager as you to see it happen, it will take considerable amounts of time and capital. The development of 2nd generation Sparrow will heavily depend on the success of 1st generation Sparrow.